Do you remember that moment when you threw up your hands and said, “I’m just not LIKE everybody else!”

It may have started with the persistent suspicion that everyone around you was connected to some shared set of social conventions or niceties, but to save your sanity, you couldn’t figure out what they were.

Maybe, like me, it took a well-meaning co-worker who said, “You know what I like about you? Other people talk about thinking outside the box, but you don’t even have to try. In fact, I’m not sure you’d even know where to go to LOOK for the box!”

It could also have been the day you accidentally wondered aloud why other personal finance blogs talk about making their own laundry detergent when it’s really easier just not to wear clothes at all.

The point is, at some point we realized we were weird. Society and schoolchildren on playgrounds had been trying to get that across to us for a long time, but there was a day it finally sank in. We’re the weirdos. We just plain aren’t like other people.

But then, slowly, a different thought started creeping in: “Everybody else is broke, fat, and miserable. Why the heck would I even WANT to be like them after all?” But you can’t say those sorts of things out loud. Normal people go see doctors about that sort of thing. Anything but the status quo scares them so much they’d rather take pills until it goes away.

But you, like me, saw freedom.

I’m Lindsay. I’m here because it finally hit me that I’m not cut out to live anyone else’s life, and frankly I wouldn’t much like to trade them anyway. I’ve been a nerd, a misfit, and a precocious questioner of assumptions since I started talking when I was  eight months old. I get a kick out of stretching dimes further than most people can stretch dollars, and I’m bored with the pigeon holes in the personal finance market. Like, what if you want to get out of debt, reach financial independence, AND be an entrepreneur? With that many goals, who has time to go read half a dozen different blogs to cover all the ideas? Forget about it.

Ledgers come in levels. Wherever you are, there’s another level waiting for you. And since you aren’t going to fit in anyway, you may as well come play with us out here!