These are things I use. I use them because they work for me. If you want to try them, these links will get you there. And if you buy stuff there, I get a bonus for the referral. But, if you don’t actually like me very much, you can always just Google the titles. Punk.

This site is VERY much in progress. I promise always to keep it honest, and it doesn’t take much to fall from my good graces!

Creating Sites

Web Hosting

Host Gator takes care of the hosting for all my sites! If you’re first starting out with just one domain, the Hatchling is the way to go, but as I learned the hard way, if you’re planning on more than one site, buy one Baby plan and create add-on domains without paying extra for hosting!


Genesis Framework is the frame and body over the WordPress engine that drives everything I do online. It’s extremely well designed, especially if you like simplicity, but it’s one of the most powerful frameworks on the market.

Generate Theme is the paint job, the bells, whistles, and decorations that make the site fun to see, not just fun to read.


Better Links Pro

Managing Money

Capital One 360

Managing Life

Project Management

IQTell, oh IQTell, I would be so lost without you. If you’ve ever read Getting Things Done, IQTell will feel like coming home. Manage all your email, tasks, calendars–really all the information that comes at you in a day, all in one centralized place.



Christian Healthcare Ministries


Your Money or Your Life

Getting Things Done

The $100 Startup

The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth

Choose Yourself

Ender’s Game