“Save Like There’s…No Tomorrow??”

“Like there’s no tomorrow” seems to be used an awful lot to motivate people to do things they wouldn’t want to do otherwise, but have you ever noticed how seldom it makes sense? The most recent example I saw was, “Save like there’s no tomorrow.”

Umm…if there’s no tomorrow, what the heck am I saving for?

I’d actually go so far as to say the complete opposite encouragement makes more sense most of the time. “Save like there will always be a tomorrow,” because the important question is what kind of tomorrow you want to have.

Take a sober look at your life. Do you like it? No really. Do you like your life? Do you spend most of your time doing things you want to do? Do you deal primarily with people you enjoy? If not, for the love of all that is good, CHANGE SOMETHING.

What’s the number one answer people give when you ask them how they are? Believe it or not, “Busy” has edged out “fine.” Why is the way we start most complications a thinly veiled complaint? Why are people content to live like that?

The way you get to live tomorrow depends primarily on how you choose to live today. Simplify your life. Manage your money according to your priorities. Be honest about who you are, what you want, and who you love. Make decisions because they’re right for the life you want, not because someone else has taught you to think you should.

‘Cause the fact of the matter is, while today will probably have a tomorrow (every other day has), someday you’ll reach a day that won’t, and nobody can tell you when that’s going to come.

If you have to choose anything to do “like there’s no tomorrow,” don’t let it be something stupid about money. Let it be “love.”

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